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Gang HQ Update SQL


alter table gangs
	add hq tinyint default 0 null after points_total;

alter table gangs drop column short_name;
alter table gangs drop column max_members;

    definer = dbadmin@`localhost` procedure evt_resetGangPoints()
    UPDATE gangs SET hq=0 WHERE hq <> 0;
    UPDATE gangs SET hq=1 WHERE disabled=0 ORDER BY points_current DESC LIMIT 1;
    UPDATE gangs SET points_current = ((SELECT Count( FROM gang_member WHERE AND gang_member.disabled=0) * 100) WHERE gangs.disabled=0;
    UPDATE gangs SET points_current = 0 WHERE points_disabled=1;
    UPDATE gangs SET points_current = 1000 WHERE points_current > 1000;
    UPDATE gangs SET points_current = ROUND(points_current*0.5) WHERE hq=1;

create definer = dbadmin@localhost event LogMarket on schedule
    every '3' DAY 
        starts '2019-26-06 03:00:00'
    CALL evt_resetGangPoints();

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